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Better Decisions, Everywhere

Using artificial intelligence, achieve a new level of employee empowerment, with enterprise-grade security and privacy.


Intelligent Conversations, Powered by Your Documents

With our AI-powered Strategy Chat, transform your internal documents into a rich, interactive chat experience. Employees you empower with Strategy Chat can immediately find answers to important questions, and make better decisions.


Key Features


Adaptive Conversations

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to unlock insights hidden within your documents. Through a chat experience similar to OpenAI's GPT, engage with your documents in a completely secure and dynamic way.


Deep Understanding

Strategy Chat reads, comprehends, and retrieves information from your internal documents. Ask it anything and get precise answers instantly.


Secure and Private

Employees within your organization will only get answers using information they are allowed to access. Your data won’t be used to train AI. We provide guardrails so you can be confident in how AI is used within your organization.

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1. Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Break down the barriers of information silos. By transforming your documents into an interactive chat experience, our AI-powered product promotes seamless collaboration across teams and departments. Authorized employees can access and understand the information they need in real-time. It's secure, protected conversation - ask a question and get instant answers from your collective company knowledge.

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2. Accelerated Decision-Making

Quick and efficient access to data equals faster decisions. The ability to have a conversation with your documentation significantly speeds up the decision-making process. No more time wasted sifting through files or folders. With our AI-powered chat experience, relevant information is just a question away. This real-time access empowers your teams to make quicker, more informed decisions, drives efficiency and productivity.

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3. Cultivating a Learning Organization

Harness the power of collective intelligence. Strategy Chat makes knowledge sharing easy and it also fosters a learning environment. When information flows freely, employees can continuously learn, adapt, and innovate. This culture of shared learning promotes growth and creativity within organization, making it more resilient in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Transform your organization into a cohesive, informed, and adaptable entity that's ready to face tomorrow's challenges today.