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Strategy Sidebar

AI-Enabled Presentation Insights: Live or Solo

Introducing Strategy Sidebar:
For Group or Self-Paced Experiences

At Strategy AI, we understand the challenges leaders face during presentations — the need for clarity, relevance, and engagement. That's where Strategy Sidebar steps in, revolutionizing the way your team interacts with and absorbs presentation content.

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How Does Strategy Chat Work?

Strategy Chat functions through the power of artificial intelligence, specifically a branch called natural language processing (NLP). Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Upload and Process: You start by uploading documents to Strategy Chat. These can be reports, manuals, strategic plans, or any text-based file relevant to your query.
  • AI Understanding: Once uploaded, the AI analyzes and "understands" the content, structuring the unstructured data in a way that it can reference later.
  • Ask Away: You interact with Strategy Chat by typing questions. The AI then scans the processed documents to find and piece together the most relevant information to answer your query.
  • Receive Tailored Responses: Strategy Chat takes your job and point of view into account, then presents answers in a conversational manner, pulling directly from the knowledge embedded in your documents.

The Benefits of Using Strategy Chat

  • Tailored Knowledge: Since answers are based on your documents and your role in the organization, they're highly relevant and specific to you.
  • Time-Saving: Strategy Chat can analyze vast amounts of text swiftly, something that would take humans days or weeks.
  • Easy to Use: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, interacting with Strategy Chat is as simple as having a text conversation.
  • Data Security: You own and control your business data. Data and conversations are not shared outside your organization. And data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. 

Features of Strategy Chat


Answers Tailored to Your Role and Purpose


Strategy Chat goes beyond generic responses. Our innovative system allows users to define a role-based perspective, ensuring that AI generated responses are aligned with their specific position or department within the company. Whether you seek the insight of a VP of Sales or a Supply Chain Expert, Strategy Chat adjusts the AI's point of view to fit the context you require.


Access to Original Source Material Increases Trust


Transparency is key in enterprise decision-making. When our AI generates a response, it doesn't just stop there — it shows you the sources. Our side-by-side source display ranks documents by relevance, allowing you to review the excerpts that informed the response. Dive deeper with the option to download the original documents for comprehensive validation.


A Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement


Feedback ensures data integrity and quality. With Strategy Chat, users can comment directly on source documents. These comments notify the document owners, creating a dynamic loop of feedback and improvement. This feature ensures that the data informing the AI's responses is not only high quality but also up-to-date and reliable.


Answers in Your Preferred Language


Embrace diversity with Strategy Chat's simple language-switching feature. Cater to your international workforce by enabling responses in the language they're most comfortable with, facilitating a truly global and inclusive workplace.


Secure, Private, and Proprietary


At Strategy AI, we understand the importance of data confidentiality. That's why Strategy Chat is designed to give your team the power to interact with your internal documents in a protected environment. Rest assured, your uploaded information is private, secure, and only accessible by permission individuals within your organization. We prioritize your data's exclusivity — no external machine learning models are trained on your sensitive information.


Deploy Strategy Chat Where Work Happens

In the dynamic world of enterprise, agility is paramount. Strategy Chat is not just a platform; it's a versatile companion designed to integrate where your employees are already engaged. Whether they're navigating SharePoint sites, managing customer relationships in Salesforce, or aligning tasks in Workday, Strategy Chat is there — a reliable widget that brings AI-powered insights into the applications they use daily.

2. Chatbot Integration: Always Available

Strategy Chat can also be experienced as an intuitive chatbot, accessible with a single click across any web application in your digital ecosystem. It’s always on hand to guide your team to the right information, fostering a more productive and informed workspace.

Discover the freedom to work smarter and faster with Strategy Chat — because the future of work is integrated, intuitive, and informed.


With Strategy Sidebar, making presentations more engaging has never been easier. Simply upload the presentation file, share the link with your peers, and watch as they engage with the content by asking questions and receiving tailored AI responses.  

Easy as 1-2-3

Our seamless three-step process ensures that anyone can enhance their presentation experience with ease, whether in a live setting or during individual review:

  1. Upload: Simply upload the presentation file to get started.
  2. Share:  Send the link to the AI-embedded presentation to your audience.
  3. Engage: Recipients ask questions and receive tailored AI responses.

AI-Personalized Understanding for Everyone

Strategy Sidebar is more than a tool; it's a personalized experience. As recipients navigate through a presentation, they no longer have to sift through slides for applicable insights. With Strategy Sidebar, they simply ask a question and receive an AI-generated response that resonates with their role, department, and business area.

Permissioned Access to Organizational Knowledge

Strategy Sidebar dismantles the barriers of information silos by providing access to knowledge from across the company. Our intelligent backend guardrails and access controls ensure that information is both relevant and recipient permission-specific.


AI Insights That Presenters Love

For presenters, Strategy Sidebar provides a wealth of actionable insights. These insights highlight areas within the audience where misunderstandings occur, indicating where more explanation or communication is necessary.

Additionally, the insights offer feedback on how to adjust my presentation style or the volume of content shared to better meet the needs of the audience. This feedback is crucial for enhancing both the clarity and effectiveness of future presentations.

Strategy Sidebar Use Cases

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AI-powered Presentations Tailored to Each Employee

Strategy Sidebar is an indispensable asset for presenters aiming to personalize information delivery and amplify the impact of their communications.