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Powerful AI Capabilities

Our generative AI tools use enterprise-grade security, privacy and deployment controls.


Strategy Chat is similar to ChatGPT except that you can chat against your own internal documents in a secure and private way. 


Unlock Information Silos
You can access information from across the company, information that was previously hidden behind silo walls.

Instantaneous Information Retrieval
You can find answers immediately, during your normal flow of work.

Data-driven Decisions
You can make better decisions when you query the highest-quality data and have access to source documents.


With Strategy Sidebar, every presentation slide comes to life with the collective knowledge of your organization.

A Problem We Understand
Too often, brilliant presentations fail to reach their full potential, leaving employees with questions and uncertainties that hinder their productivity and growth.

Instant Clarification
Questions arise at the moment of learning. Sidebar provides immediate, in-context answers, reducing confusion and enhancing understanding.

Scale with Ease
From 10 to 10,000 employees, our AI handles queries without additional burden on your experts.



An AI ally for employees.


Empowering Daily Excellence
Imagine employees guided daily by a mentor, receiving suggestions that enhance their productivity and focus on what truly matters. 

Learning from the Best
Analyzing performance metrics of top-performing peers, Mentor provides users with actionable insights, helping employees understand how to practically grow into excellence.

Customized Career Development
Using data analytics, Mentor creates a personalized development path that dynamically adjusts as ambitions and company requirements shift.


Strategy Workspaces provides a confidential place to store and synchronize your files.


Secure and Private
Customer prompts and customer data are not used to train third-party AI/ML models.

Content Analytics
You can optimize the data being used and address identified gaps.

Permissioned Access
Strategy Workspaces makes data distribution and access effortlessly simple.


Strategy Agents are AI assistants who perform tasks for you and keep you updated on your priorities.


Empowerment Through Automation
When you give a simple instruction, agents will act on your behalf 24/7 to achieve the outcomes you specify.

Novel Task Completion
As you learn how to use Strategy Agents, you will develop new and better ways of getting work done.

Amplified Intelligence
Acting on your behalf, agents will distill complex information into concise, actionable insights.

image001 graphic_agent_001


Strategy Copilot is AI powered and offers you transformational insights about your business and how to compete. 

Unbiased Review
Identify biases, unveil challenges, and discover new opportunities.

Strategic Foresight
Dive deeper than ever before into market trends, competitive landscapes, and organizational capabilities.

Data-driven Insights
Use AI to transform vast data into actionable insights, ensuring your strategy is both data-driven and future-ready.

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Transform your organization into a cohesive, informed, and adaptable entity that's ready to face tomorrow's challenges today.